Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Elijah has learned the best new trick! Smiling! Real Smiles! He can now officially melt his momma's heart! It is so awesome to have him respond to us!

These smiles make all the late nights, hour long feeds and fussy moments (sometimes long moments...) totally worth it! After a month of caring for this little guy who had no way to respond or interact with us it is so amazing to have him respond to us.


Erin said...

I would like to say that these pictures don't do him justice... I feel his smile was sooo much cuter in person!

Anna said...

Thanks! I think he is pretty cute myself!

Genetha said...

I hadn't looked at your bog recently, but I think his smile is great. I didn't think they smiled that young. I especially like the ones where no one is touching his face at the moment. We are looking forward to seeing him next week. I can babysit so you can sleep or go out for a walk or whatever. I think I remember how. I probably have more experience than most people.
Love, Grma A

Genetha said...

oops blog grma

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