Saturday, May 22, 2010

My Husband is Awesome!

My handy husband has been at it again! This time he built us a new bed! As usual he researched and designed the ideas for the platform bed for weeks before he started building it. Once he started building it it was done in two weeks or less. I am always impressed with how quickly the projects go once he gets started.

Anyway, it is a platform bed with storage underneath. It has 5 spaces for canvas bins on each side and a pullout drawer at the end. We are putting things like pajamas, belts, and hats in the bins and a blanket in the drawer at the end of the bed. It is painted dark brown and looks really nice. Dan is still thinking about what type of headboard to build for it, we can't decide if we want more storage in the headboard or something nice to lean up against and watch TV.

** These pictures are one of the few times our bed has ever been made. We aren't bed making people, at all.

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