Tuesday, May 18, 2010

A few of my favorite things

This post is about some of my favorite baby things. These are the tools of my current trade and some of them I don't know that we would make it through a day without!

Swaddlers - My baby loves to be swaddled. Many of my friends have said their babies hated being swaddler, but Eli is not one of those babies. He loves to be swaddled and often falls asleep quickly after being swaddled. The swaddlers are so easy to use. We call Eli a Baby Burrito when he is all wrapped up in one. I often ask him "Chicken or beef?" when I am wrapping him up into a "burrito".
Baby Burrito

Mobile - As mentioned previously, Eli loves his mobile right now! It is a lifesaver when I need to drop him somewhere safe and run to the bathroom or something. Dan calls it his "friends". It is nice too that Eli doesn't get too mad when the "friends" stop moving. He gives us a few minutes to get to him and wind them back up before he fusses... one of the few times he is patient!

Sling/Carrier - I have both a sling and a front carrier for Eli. Eli and I are both getting better at using them. Eli is getting better about being happy in them and I am getting better about giving him a chance to be happy in there. He does really well sleeping in his sling when we are out and about like at the grocery store. As long as I am walking or moving he will stay in there forever and I get to use both my hands.

On the Night You were Born by: Nancy Tillman- This book was given to us by my friend Kellie and I ABSOLUTELY love it. It is all about how special a baby is and I get teary nearly every time I read it, pathetic, I know. I think it is going to become my standard baby shower gift from now on.

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