Wednesday, May 26, 2010

I'm Breastfeeding and I almost like it...

So, I am breastfeeding still... 2 months in. It may not seem like long, but if you would of asked me a year ago or even 6 months ago I would of said that I wasn't even going to try, that I didn't even want to, that it wasn't for me. Well, here we are and Eli is almost 2 months old and I am breastfeeding and I really enjoy it most of the time.
The other night for example, Eli was overly tired (we pushed him too far, it was our fault) and just wouldn't settle and I was feeling so bad for him, especially because I knew I should have put him to sleep sooner. It was great to put him to breast and have him calm instantly. I felt so much better to have him cuddle into me and he was so much happier too.
Also, I love not having to pack bottles and formula and worry about where we can get warm water if we are out. I always have his food with me which puts me at ease when I take him out because his eating schedule isn't at all predictable. I have fed him in the car a few times in store parking lots, it works out really well and gives us some flexibility to our schedules.
Another awesome bonus is it is cheap! We haven't bought any formula yet, even though we do supplement with formula, we are still using free samples that we have received from the hospital and doctor's office!
Now, I won't say that it is always wonderful and perfect... trust me it's not. There are days that my nipples are sore and I feel like a cow because all he wants to do is eat and I am tied to the rocking chair feeding him. Also, everything I have read talks about how breastfeeding is great bonding time for mom and baby and while I do enjoy feeding him most of the time, my favorite bonding time is playing with him and seeing his smiles.
The next big breastfeeding decision I have to make is how and when to wean him. I don't intend to continue to breastfeeding as his main source of nutrition once I go back to school. I might see if I can manage to keep enough milk to do a night time and possibly a morning feed if he is still interested in breastfeeding. I love that I can soothe him at almost anytime by breastfeeding and would hate to lose that tool in my bag of momma tricks!

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