Sunday, May 16, 2010

7 weeks old!

Eli is already 7 weeks old! We can hardly believe it. It seems unbelievable that he has been with us for nearly 2 months! He is still a little guy, but we are all convinced that he is growing. It is hard to tell when you are s with him all the time whether or not he is any bigger. He goes to the doctor on the 24th and I am excited to see how big he is! He has been making progress developmentally, he is getting great at holding his head up and will sometimes pick his head and shoulders up when he is on his stomach (I have video of this and hopefully will figure out how to post it soon). He is also smiling and cooing a lot. His favorite word/sound is "ahh-goo", It is a very happy sound and makes Momma and Daddy giggle* too.

He is becoming so much more fun to play and interact with. He doesn't like to be held like a "baby", he likes to sit up and see the world like a big guy! He likes to sit on our laps and smile, "talk" and look at toys we hold for him. He also LOVES his mobile in his bed, he will sit and watch the mobile for a long time. It is great for momma to get some cleaning up done or run to the bathroom or do her hair.

* Dan notes that he does not giggle.

Playing with his mobile "friends"

"Super Eli"

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