Monday, May 17, 2010

Little "Hood"lum

We went to our friend Max's 1st birthday party on Sunday. It was at a park and was lots of fun! It is so fun to look at big boy Max next to little guy Eli, it is kind of like looking into the future. Anyway, back to my story about the birthday party. The party was outside and it was kind of a gray, rainy day, so I planned on having Eli wear a jacket that we had been given as a hand me down from a friend so that he could be out at the party, but still warm. Well...the best laid plans... I have become a big time "forgetter" since Eli was born and left the jacket at home. I was stressed about him being cold so Dan stopped at Target and I ran in to see if there was anything warm for him to wear that I could buy real quick. I found a blue zippered hoodie (which coincidently matched his outfit.. lucky!) and we got back on our way to the party. Anyway, here are the pictures of our little dude in his slightly too big first hoodie. We think he looks like a pretty tough little "hood"lum!

Tough Guys
(no, daddy is not choking him, promise)

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