Sunday, July 18, 2010

A Sleep Victory!

Our Little Side Sleeper -- No more back sleeping for this guy!

Suddenly, this week our little man has started putting himself to sleep in his crib for naps and sometimes in the middle of the night after a feed! This is so awesome, no fighting and fussying with Momma in the rocking chair and no super careful laying him down so that you don't accidently wake him up and have to start all over!
Ok, so it doesn't happen every time, but if you catch him at just the right moment before he gets too sleepy he puts himself to sleep in 10 minutes or less in his crib with minimal fussying and no screaming or crying! I never thought we would get here!

I have been worrying and fretting (like a crazy new mom) since like the day he was born about how on earth we were going to help him have good sleep habits... like seriously it is my biggest anxiety these days. I had tried a few times in the last month to leave him in his crib and see what never lasted more than 10-15 mintues and often much less because he would scream like a banshee, but some how this week it finally worked. I think it is all about brain maturity and we finally reached the point where he can soothe himself to sleep!!
The routine is that he gets his diaper changed and swaddled then gets to read 2-3 books with Momma before he goes into his bed. I turn on the white noise machine and wind up his mobile then shut the door and leave. He has also started taking a pacifier again sometimes, which is interesting because for the las tmonth or so he had downright refused to have anything to do with a pacifier.

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