Monday, July 12, 2010

In the Laboratory

Eli love his Exersaucer, his favorite position these days is standing up so the saucer suits him just fine. He also free to use his hands while he is in there so he has really started interacting with his toys! So fun!

He gets all serious and focused when he is in there and so Dan has started calling it his laboratory. This little mad scientist loves to touch and turn and hit all the "controls" at his finger tips.

I love this kid in hats!!

Watching Daddy work from his new favorite seat!

In other news, the sleeping is getting better. We had one night with 7.5 consecutive hours of sleep and last night he only woke up once! I am excited things are getting better, but we are going out of town again next week and I am afraid all of our hard work is going to get messed up again! We shall see!

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