Saturday, July 17, 2010

The New Bedtime Routine

We are working hard to help Eli sleep better at night... for everyones sake! Here is the new plan... 5 days in and I think it is working.

Rule: Eli wakes up from last nap no later than 7:30. ( I am considering moving this up to 7)

8:30 - Go upstairs and change diaper and put on PJs (This is also play time with daddy for a few minutes and his beloved "nakkie" time... this kid sure does like to be naked)

8:45 - Get wrapped up in his Swaddle Me wrap and nurse with momma for a bit.

At this point he hopefully falls asleep while nursing and gets plopped in bed for the night. Sometimes however he isn't so interested in food and instead we rock to sleep... this is sometimes harder for everyone involved but he is generally asleep and in bed before 9:15, which is working well right now. We are also working on slowly moving the bedtime up a little. We know it would probably be best for him to got to bed earlier, but we need to get there slowly, he doesn't take kindly to dramatic changes in his routine.

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