Friday, July 2, 2010

Mississippi Adventures!

I never would have thought that the easiest, least stressful part of a weekend road trip would be my 3 month old. I was super stressed about traveling 480 miles to Madison, MS for a family reunion with Eli. I packed everything in the house that wasn't nailed down, read a million articles on the internet about how to travel with a little guy, and generally braced myself for the worst. Or so I thought.

Elijah did fantastic on the car rides. I sat next to him in the back and we sang, read books, and played with toys. He did a great job putting himself to sleep in the car and it was really a pretty easy journey.

The stressful part of the weekend didn't happen until we were down in Mississippi. Friday evening we went to get Coldstone with our friend Jack. Coldstone was less than a mile away from our hotel, but we never made it there. We were hit in our car by a lady in a white SUV that rear-ended another car (going very fast) and then bounced onto the front end of my car. We were not injured, but it sure was scary. It took over an hour to fill out all the police paperwork and get going back to the hotel, by then we were all exhausted and shaken up. I had an EMT worker check Eli out, but even after she gave him the okay, I worried about him all night and didn't sleep well.

Saturday morning we woke up and went to the Atkins-Whiteside Family Reunion, which was the whole reason we were in Mississippi. It was a fun day of talkin with family, playing games, looking at pictures and eating good food. Elijah had a great time playing with so many new people, events like this are great for him because he always has someone to hold him and play with him. Eli and his new friend Sam were the life of the party and so fun to play with!

Saturday night after the reunion we had made plans to go see Toy Story 3 in 3D with my cousins. Well, I am not going to share all the gory details of that evening, but Dan and I didn't end up seeing the movie at all and instead ended up hanging out in a Jackson ER because I had a reaction to some over the counter medicine I took. Yeah, there was screaming, tears and lots of pain and the worst part was no Woody or Buzz :(. My parents, grandparents and uncle were awesome and took care of the little man for us while we were at the ER.

So, Dan and I are now planning a date night that involves Toy Story and Coldstone to make up for our failed attempts at fun this past weekend. Luckiy for us there is a movie theater with a Coldstone in the same parking lot near our house, less driving = less opportunities for disaster!

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