Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The Process of Going Back to Work - Part 1

I have been exceptionally lucky to be able to spend the first three months of Elijah's life at home with him and have not had to work. We only have 1 more month of that wonderful arrangement before I head back to work and Eli starts at daycare.

While I like my job and I am happy with the daycare center we have chosen for Eli, I am not at all happy about returning to work and leaving my lazy days with my boy. I am very nervous about leaving my boy with others, I know him best and I want to be the one to care for him. I don't want to miss anything, he grows and changes so much, that I don't want to be away from him even for a minute. I can't hardly imagine being away from him for 8 hours a day, but soon enough that will be our norm. It is going to take a lot of adjusting for me emotionally and in our schedule.

All that being said, we like our 2 income lifestyle and I worked really hard to get a Master's degree and become a Speech Pathologist. I never imagined that I would even toy with the idea of not working, I have always been focused on my career, but it is amazing what that little boy has changed in me. I am hoping to find out more details about my work assignment for this year so that I can start getting excited about work instead of dreading or fearing it.

The Montessori school where Eli will be going called the other day to confirm that he has a spot in their infant room and we set his start date as August 9th, my first day back at work. Instead of thinking about leaving my boy, I am instead working on gathering the "supplies" that he will need at daycare and thinking about how we will make the mornings work. One thing is for sure, I will certainly be getting up earlier this year.

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