Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day!

Top Ten Reasons I Love My Daddy
by Eli

10. He reads to me. Even before I came out of Mommy's belly he was reading me fantastic stories.

9. Even if momma's not around he always makes sure I get some milk.

8. The Carseat Game - Daddy always sings and plays with me while I am getting buckled up. He is so good at distracting me that I almost forget that I don't like being stuck in there.

7. No one holds me quite like Daddy does - He always carries me facing out so I can see the world

6. He always changes my poop... and that's a big deal because these days it is STINKY!

5. Nakkie Time - Most nights daddy gets me ready for bed. He takes off my clothes and my diaper and lets me kick and stretch free and naked for a few minutes before I have to put pjs on and go to bed.

4. He always helps mommy and makes her happy and everyone knows... Happy Mommy = Happy Baby

2. He doesn't gets mad at me, even when I am being quite ridiculus because he knows "I'm just a little guy"

2. He is sooo INTERESTING - Seriously, have you seen the stuff my daddy does, he walks around the garage doing all sorts of work with noisy tools and he always lets me sit in my chair and watch day I want to play with all those tools...

1. He teaches me lots of things... like cool words and what all the tools in the garage do and how to do new things like clap my hands

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