Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Practice Practice Practice

Rehearsal night for the wedding was a great time. Uncle John was in charge and everything went smoothly. After rehearsal we all went out to dinner at Pujols 5 it was yummy and lots of fun to sit around and relax and chat.

We worked really hard on helping Erin and Andrew learn how to walk down the aisle together.
By Saturday they had it mastered!

Silly Flower Girl

Darren and Cole at Pujols 5

The boys!

Father of the Bride

I think we looked a little less distracted on Saturday...
This is one of the super cute new outfits Cousin Carrie made Eli! This one has a baseball tie and belt! It was so precious to have him all dressed up like a little man!

If you ever want to so more pictures there is a "My Photos" link on the left. I am a "picture-aholic". So, there will probably always be more pictures than you ever care to see if you follow that link!

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