Monday, June 7, 2010

1st Trip to the Zoo

Uncle Darren, Auntie Kim, Momma, Daddy and Eli all went to the zoo for the first time today. It was a gorgeous 78 degrees with a nice breeze and we walked nearly the entire zoo (and my feet hurt bad enough to prove it). Eli was FANTASTIC at the zoo. He rode in his stroller and napped some. He rode inn his wrap on momma and looked around. Auntie Kim carried him some. He was happy at least 95% of the time! It was awesome.

The zoo was great as usual, highlights included a cute baby river otter and the new "Zootennial" exhibit. It was really interesting and definitely worth a visit if you are at the zoo. It was interesting to see how the zoo has changed over the last 100 years, but the basics principles and values have stayed the same.

He got a "My First Trip to the Zoo" hat and of course we had to try it on him, even though he was asleep.

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