Friday, June 17, 2011

130 days, 130 tidbits (Part III)

I'm afraid this may get really lame before I make it to 130. I apologize in advance. I will try to include lots of pics to help distract from the lame.

89. Room by Emma Donoghue is my current favorite book.
90. Dan says I like to join things. We are members at The Magic House, The Botanical Gardens, The Zoo and our pool. And Gymboree.
91. We really enjoyed the Louisville Science Center. It has a rockstar kid area.
92. There have been a lot of tornadoes and storms this year so far.
93. My car got beaten up by some hail during some one storm.
94. My husband bought me clothes for my birthday for the first time ever. He did good.
95. Recently, Dan and I worked on a Habitat for Humanity house. Dan helped build a deck.
96. Now, I want a new deck.
98. We eat Mexican food 1-3 times a week. At least.
99. Eli's b-day party was nearly snowed out. At the end of March... seriously crazy weather this year.
100. We went to the Cards game with my super cool cousin Carrie.
101. Eli went through a phase in which he preferred to play with his toys from within their containers.
102. WW has led to us eating lots of bananas. Like a dozen a week, at least.
103. Eli loves to be outside. He will bang on the door to communicate this desire, multiple times a day.
104. In July, Dan and I will be going to a Bed & Breakfast to celebrate our 5th anniversary.
105. Eli is blonde. Like really blonde. And no the mailman is not blonde.
106. Every night, our kid rolls around in his bed and thuds against the sides and makes a loud noise. Every night, I get concerned about this. Every night, Dan tells me that he is fine.
108. Emptying and filling buckets and drawers and containers another favorite pastime of the little guys.
109. We discovered a new park that we love. Longview Farm Park has horses, a playground and very nice paved walking trails.
110. Eli is an expert at waving. Both "Hi" and "Bye".
111. We may have to talk about Eli getting ear tubes sometime in the future.
112. This summer I have been able to spend energy teaching and learning with my kiddo instead of spending so much energy on the 40 kiddos at work. It feels great.
114. I don't think Eli has actually eaten any of the invading cicadas. Not for a lack of trying.
115. At the pool, Eli likes to stick his face in the fountains. He drinks a lot of pool water.
116. Dan has been rereading his beloved "boat books" by Patrick O'Brian. I don't really get "rereading"
117. Wow, I should blog more often. This 130 things is challenging. More Pictures.
120. Eli bit another kid at school. It was traumatizing... for me.
121. Eli turns up one or both of his hands to ask "Where?" at least 100 times a day (see #34).. It melts my heart each time. Oooh, that pudgy little hand!
123. We hosted an end of the year BBQ with my work friends.
124. Dan had to install our "free install" dishwasher. Yeah...
125. Dan made a awesome sliding drawer under our sink to organize the cleaning supplies.
126. Eli "asks" for a bagel every morning when he wakes up.
127. Little People are a fav toy around here. They get put in and out of containers all day long.

129. Thanks to his father, Eli knows how to operate the CD player in his playroom and has access to it all the time. We hear a lot of music in a kinda "stop and go" fashion.

Thanks for catching up with us!


Abby Lewis said...

That was a challenge, but you did well and I enjoyed all 130 bits.

Anna said...

I am glad you enjoyed them! It would be a shame to go through all that and everyone think I am crazy!

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