Sunday, October 31, 2010

7 months

Oh, wow! The six month was certainly my favorite so far. You are so cool, little guy! The things you can do just amaze me. I am so proud of how much you are learning and growing. In the last month you learned to crawl on your knees and pull yourself up. I am totally impressed with your scooting/crawling speed these days and how long you can stand up while holding onto things. I can't believe how mobile you are! You are a great eater... well at least of your baby food... you sometimes act like you don't like your bottle. I have been having difficulty clothing you in this cooler weather because you don't have enough waist and butt to keep your pants up, but you need long pants for your long legs! Daddy and I love to see you light up and start "talking" when you see us, it is so cool that you can crawl right over to us if you want us! Although, I will say you are often under my feet and one of these days you are going to get squished! I hope month 7 is as fantastic as 6! Don't grow up too fast little guy!

Still a happy boy!

Yeah, I pulled myself up here!

Eli ended this photo shoot on his terms...
"Mom you can't take my picture if I eat the sign!"

All About Eli - Month 7:
ELi Likes: sitting up, scooting around, crawling around, Chuck the Truck, pulling up, standing at his play table, playing with Daddy, eating - especially his fruit, being upside down, peek-a-boo, moving, finding things under the couch/table/dresser

Eli DOES NOT Like: getting his nose cleaned out, lying down to get his diaper changed, mommy or daddy leaving the room, the end of dinner, being still, getting his nose wiped

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