Sunday, October 10, 2010

6 months

Wow, half a year. I can't hardly believe how big you are and how many tricks you can do. I think is by far the most fun age. Between the scooting, sitting, pulling up and general wiggling you are certainly learning how to get around. I wouldn't say you are efficient at it yet, but you are certainly a busy boy.

All About Eli - Month 6:
ELi Likes: sitting up, scooting around, reaching things, being outside, Sophie Giraffe, eating solid food, blowing raspberries, playing with Chuck the Truck, pulling up, shoe laces,

Eli DOES NOT Like: getting his nose cleaned out, teething, laying down on his back, naps,

Eli's 6 month check up went great. He did well at the doctor's office until the shots. He got pretty mad at the shots and didn't quite recover as quickly as last time. He was pretty mad about the whole thing. As you can tell from his numbers below, he is gaining weight and is getting a bit more square.

Vital Stats - Month 4
Weight: 17 punds 15.5 ounces (59th percentile)
Length: 27 inches (71st percentile)

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