Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Running Water

Ummmm... so I wrote this post a while ago and never published it...so here is a very delayed look at our Cumberland Falls Trip!

My husband loves running water, no not the kind. when you leave the sink on or when the toilet doesn't work right, but any sort of natural running water. Creeks, rivers, streams and especially waterfalls. Many of our vacations since we have been married have centered around a national or state park that has had a major waterfall or other body of water.
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A couple of weeks ago we went to KY and TN to visit family and had a great time. In the middle of trip we stayed one night in Corbin KY and visited Cumberland Falls National Park. It was super HOT, but we still had a great time checking out the waterfall and walking around to the different viewing areas.

After we saw the waterfall we went swimming in the pool at the park! It was sooo nice to get into the cool water. Eli is really starting to like the water (Note to self: take pool pictures). He splashed a lot in the water that day!

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