Thursday, July 7, 2011

Our Playroom!

This winter we converted Dan's home office into a playroom. We spend a lot of our family time at home in the playroom. It is a great combination of comfortable, but with room to play. This summer, Eli and I have spent lots of time in the playroom and have taken over the playroom closet to hold "special" toys and activities. Basically, just stuff that he needs adult supervision for or stuff that I want to stay "novel".

Futon for lounging or a quick transition into a guest room.
Big floor pillows for lazy parenting.
(We call the pillows "magic pillows" because Dan falls asleep everytime he lays on them. Even if Eli is climbing all over them.)

Book shelf with Momma stuff on the top shelf, Eli books on the middle
and bins of toys on the bottom.

CD player for baby tunes and baby dancing
Eli loves having the CD player down where he can turn it on and off.

Toy drawers. These work okay for now,
but I may be looking into a new organization system soon-ish.
Eli knows what is in each drawer and likes to put things back where they go.
He does however need help to open the drawers.

Below are some of Eli's favorite "special" activities!

Velcro farm board

Pill container and puff balls! This keeps my kiddo busy for like 20 minutes at least.

Magnets and cookie sheets!

Road made out of painter's tape in the hallway.
This is temporary, but I have recently seen an idea for making a
playmat/road on a shower curtain so it can be
folded up and put away when not in use.

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