Friday, July 15, 2011

Camera Phone Summer

The parts of our summer when my camera wasn't readily available. Luckily, for me and you they make crazy phones that do everything these days, so I can still share all of these fantastic shots with you! I know, your thanking your lucky stars for smart phones!

Fingerpainting Fun

Turtle Park

Loves outside and Loves strawberries

Exhausted on the boat at the Lake.

He didn't jump.. I swear.

I think Coke should buy this picture from me, Classic Summer.

Feather Fun

Sorting animals in an egg carton, one of Eli's favorite activities.

Silly Uncle Darren

Music Time!

Ocean Play: Eli loves take the fish "on" and "off"
(Waves made out of painter's tape, fish out of construction paper with painter's tape on the back)

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