Saturday, January 1, 2011

Good-bye December!

We have quite an eventful end to our year. Aside from typical holiday madness and rushing about, we have each been quite sick, especially Eli. As I write this I am hopeful that we are about to put this all behind us, but with how things have been going, I am not holding my breath.
Beginning on December 10th, Elijah has had/still has each of the following ailments:
- Double ear infections (treated now with 2 rounds of antibiotics)
- Sinus Infection
- Diarrhea
- Vomiting
- Runny Nose and Eyes
- Cough
- Diaper Rash/Infection

Dan and I have both had some of the cold and stomach issues as well, but not nearly as severely as Elijah. He has been a trooper most days and survived his first holiday season quite well for how sick he is/was.

He is considerably better right now, the cold symptoms are still lingering, but seem to get better each day. We are treating the diaper issues now with a Rx and are hopeful that will clear up soon. He has been eating some again, but is refusing all green vegetables, so it looks like I may have a battle ahead on that issue.

Because a sick baby just wouldn't have been interesting enough, my parents and siblings have all been sick as well, one of my uncles had surgery, a cousin got pretty sick while in town and yesterday a tornado ripped through my mom and dad's neighborhood. All are okay in the tornado and minimal damage was done at my parents, although many of their neighbors weren't so lucky.

Our break hasn't exactly been relaxing... but somehow still I am ready to go back to work. It is exhausting to be home 24/7 with a little guy who is so miserable and out of sorts. We all need to get back into good routines.

Sad sick eyes!

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