Thursday, January 20, 2011

Elijah's 1st Christmas

As noted already, our Christmas season was quite eventful, but even though Eli was sick during most of it, he still had a really great time and got some awesome gifts. We enjoyed seeing lots of family (all though the weather and sicknesses did prevent us from seeing everyone) and when he was well enough Eli was pretty friendly and enjoyed everyone.

I am going to post a few Christmas pictures, but there is so many of them that I am also going to make a Picasa web album of them and you check out the rest of them there.

He figured out wrapping paper pretty quickly.

Dan and I had a couple of his gifts already put together, so he could play right away!

Auntie KiKi got Eli a new book!

Eli certainly loves anything with wheels... little cars and trucks were a big hit this year.

Uncle Darren teaches Eli about puzzles.

Momentarily feeling great and oh so happy!

I love reading with this little smiler.

Happiness through all the sickness...presents will do that!

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